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Confide and its partners have experience of coordinating and preparing all the required studies for the completion of a project, of private or public interest. For example, it may carry out studies for roadworks, hydraulics, architectural, static, E/M installations, power installations, water supply, sewage treatment, etc.

Confide undertakes as a Technical Company the construction of construction works and electrical installations. Also, during the construction phase of a project, it can provide Consulting services, Construction Management, Quality Control of Construction, Project Implementation Supervision and Project Registry Creation, until its operational phase.


Confide effectively supports time schedule and financial planning of the project. Provides methodology and services that ensure the compliance of the project implementation with realistic time and contractual commitments as well as its budget from the design phase to the completion of its construction. For the implementation of an investment Confide provides detailed budgets, documentation of profitability and support for securing funding resources.

Confide performs development consultancy duties in areas that require investment in construction. It reliably investigates the shape of the market at a given point in time in order to arrive at safe and specialized assessments. It examines the context of the legislation in each case, while identifying and taking into account the specific requirements, governing the preparation of any high project requirements.

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M.S.S. Implemented & in Operation

The Company

Since its foundation in 2001, CONFIDE has evolved in a diversified company with a broad range of Projects, Public and Private, Concession Projects and Public & Private Partnerships (PPP).

The managers and the associates of the company have specialization and multiannual experience in Design, Supervision, Development, Administration and Management, Construction and Maintenance of Technical Projects and Facilities with special requirements.

The many years of experience in the Field of Concession Projects and the knowledge of the contemporary processes of their Assigning and Implementing, as well as their Financing Schemes (co-financing, project finance etc.) make CONFIDE the most reliable choice for the development and integration of complexed projects.








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