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Authority: GAIAOSE S.A.
Concessionaire Candidate: Joint Venture SARMED – IMPERIO – ATTIKAT - CONFIDE
Location: Thriassio Region, Attika County


•    Participation In The Concessionaire Scheme
•    Business Development Consultant
•    Studies
•    Coordination Of Studies And Assembly Of Participation


CONFIDE'S subject included :
•    Participation and organization of the process required to claim the concession.
•    Organization of the candidate scheme “SARMED – IMPERIO – ATTIKAT – CONFIDE”, participation of the company and representation of the scheme during the Competition process.
•    Representative during the negotiations of Forming the Concession Terms of Contract.
•    Investigation and Determination of the best exploitation systems.
•    Coordination of the process for the development of a financial model.
•    Processing alternative scenarios for the development of the Freight Center.
•    Participation in the composition of the Master Plan for the development of the Freight Center & participation in the preparation of all the required studies (Architectural, Structural, E/M Installations, Road Design, special studies of Railway networks) for submittal to the GAIAOSE S.A. Competition.
•    Preparation of the Time Schedule and the Economic Planning of the Project.

Participation in Competition.

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